Exos Mini


  • Ergonomic handle – built-in electric motor makes for warm and cosy operation
  • Lighter – the lightest pin boner on the market
  • User friendly – no tools needed for disassembly
  • Hygienic – smooth design and easy cleaning
  • Built-in On/Off switch in the handle

Technical specifications

Weight, handle                                                      300 gr

Effect                                                                       15 W

Voltage                                                                    100-240 V AC

Frequency                                                              50-60 Hz

Engine brushed                                                    12V DC

Fixed speed                                                          150rpm

Cable length, handle to outlet                          1.5 m

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Low cost handheld pin bone remover

Cretel Exos Mini pinbone remover is perfect tool for fish-shops, restaurants and catering companies for the following fish species:

Char, Chinook, Coho, Grear Silver Smelt, Haddock, Hake, Herring, Perch, Pike Perch, Rainbow Trout, Saithe, Salmon, Sea Trout and Sockeye Salmon

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