Industrial washing systems for the dairy industry

For washing and drying applications in the dairy industry, Cretel can offer appropriate solutions for washing, drying and disinfecting meeting the highest hygiene standards typical for that kind of industry.

We understand very well how dairy residues behave in order to be able to clean and dry crates, racks an bins effectively. 

Cretel crate washer dairy industry

Crate washers Modular Line

Thanks to its modular concept with a minimal water, energy and chemical consumption, Cretel can offer a wide range of automated industrial crate washing solutions which can be used in various sectors. The Tunnel Washers Modular Line are fully designed according the highest available standards.

Industrial washing and drying systems Cretel by ATS

Crate washers Basic Line

Thanks to its straightforward concept, the Cretel basic line crate washer, can be considered as a reliable and proven system for standard crate washing. It is designed to operate easily for applications with limited capacity and budget.

vertical pallet washers aigremont

Pallet washers

Our pallet washers are designed according our proven tunnel washer concept. Depending on the application we can offer a pallet washer with vertical or horizontal transfer.

drying module cretel

Drying module

A Cretel industrial drying module can be considered as a reliable and proven system thanks to its modular concept with a high standard on hygienic design, maximum water recuperation and minimum energy consumption resulting in excellent drying results for a wide range of applications. Our dryers can be used in various sectors.

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Why choose a Cretel solution?

Washing & drying results

The aim is to always go for excellent washing results and the required drying results in consultation with the customer.

We constantly put focus on optimizing our products to increase the washing & drying results.

It is key for us to continuously seek for the best solution for the customer.

Low operational costs

We always design our installations to keep the operational cost as low as possible.

We offer innovative high-performance solutions with minimum water and energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Open & hygienic design

We develop our constructions fully open and according the highest hygienic standards.

No hidden corners and easy accessible heating and filtering system.

This is a result of many years experience and focus on hygienic design.

When reliability becomes important

We realise the reliability of a washing installation is very important since it became an essential link of the value chain. Working with Cretel is working with a reliable partner creating reliable solutions since more than 25 years worldwide. Cretel as part of the ATS Group is built on a solid base which is able to fulfil its commitments and to build a long term relationship with its partners and customers.

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