Cretel customised rack washer perfume industry

Tailor-made rack washer for the perfume and flavourings sector

For a Belgian company in the perfume and flavourings market, Cretel by ATS developed a customised industrial rack washer. A standard solution quickly proved insufficient for the various challenges:

  • Increasingly stringent hygiene requirements
  • Traceability to detect any production errors
  • Possibility of 2 different washing and soaping techniques

During the search for a suitable partner, Cretel mainly convinced with its quality and customisation possibilities.

Quality tailored to the customer

The customer’s own experiences and the expertise in the field of the Cretel team formed the basis for the design. This way, the installation was elaborated according to the customer’s specific needs with an eye to quality and reliability. The hygiene requirements within the industry played a prominent role in the development of the concept.

The strength of the group

Cretel by ATS took care of the design and mechanical aspect. For the piping, programming and panel building, the team could rely on the expertise of other subsidiaries within ATS Group. Because this knowledge was available within the same group of companies, the mutual communication went smoothly and it was possible to switch quickly. With a timely delivery as a result.

Special with various advantages

The result of the collaboration is a ‘special’ with a rotating washing arm. The automation of the washing process reduces the operator’s costs. Moreover, the installation is energy-efficient and uses little water and soap.


IndustryPerfume and flavourings sector
ProductsCustomised rack washer
Realisation byCretel by ATS: design and mechanics
A.T.S. nv – Technics: piping
ATS Group – HQ Merelbeke: programming
A.T.S. – Electrical Panels: panel building
Cretel customised rack washer perfume industry

Cretel customised rack washer perfume industry

Cretel customised rack washer perfume industry