Cabine Washer meat industry

ApplicationMeat processing Bins/Containers containing meat residues (marinades,
meat textures for minced meat, and more …).
IndustryMeat processing industry
ProductsCabine washer

Our bin/container washer is the ideal solution to obtain very good washing results. From the inside; by nozzles rotating in the inside area of the container, from the outside by rotating nozzle arms, and from the bottom of the container, including the wheels, by rods, or rotating arms, with nozzles.

The filter area is equal to the surface area of the wash tank: together with the specific form of the filter, it ensures a very effective filtering , even in case of heavy soiling. This large capacity can save the cost of an additional rotary filter mostly needed for heavier soiling!  The filters are very easy-to-clean.

Water consumption is very low because the washing cycle is circular: dirty water passes through the filter and is reused. The only consumption is the short rinse after the washing. It varies from 10L to max. 30L per bin/container.

Low energy consumption: the electricity and the pumps only operate when a container is washed (discontinuous system). Altogether, our cabine washers are very effective, have a very robust construction, and take less space compared to a tunnel washer.