vacuum packed salmon

Why vacuum pack meat and fish?

After skinning fish or meat, it may be interesting to vacuum pack your end product. This means you pack it airtight in vacuum sealer bags. But why would you vacuum pack food products? We’re happy to share the most important reasons with you.

1. Longer shelf life

By vacuum packing fish and meat, no oxygen can get to it. This way the food stays fresh longer and has a longer shelf life. This gives you the opportunity to deliver to a larger area.

2. Increased food safety and quality

Drying out, freezer burn and mould have no chance with vacuum-packed food. On the other hand, its colour, taste and structure are preserved longer. Moreover, vacuum packing gives your food a professional and hygienic appearance.

3. Optimisation of storage and transport

Food in vacuum packaging does not transfer smell or taste to other food. Cross-contamination has no chance, so you can store and stack different products together. The main advantage? You need less storage space and can therefore store in bulk. With one transport you can move more of your quality product.

What types of vacuum machines are there?

Cretel offers a wide range of vacuum packers: from dip tanks for shrink packaging, over table top models to industrial models (single and double chambers).

Would you like advice on which model is most suitable for your products?
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