Cretel by ATS EcoVadis 2022

Silver EcoVadis medal for A.T.S. nv

A.T.S. nv, the company behind Cretel by ATS, completed and submitted the EcoVadis questionnaire for the second time on November 1st. Based on the provided answers and documents, EcoVadis assesed the sustainability policy of the company together with 65.000 other companies. This resulted in a score of 56/100, or a silver medal.

Some background behind the score; the average of companies evaluated by EcoVadis, across 160 countries and 200 sectors, is around 50/100. Within our activity sector, more than half of the companies score below 45/100. Our score puts us in the 69th percentile, meaning that only 31% of companies do better. In our sector, we’re in the top 21%.

What is EcoVadis?
EcoVadis is a platform for evaluating the non-financial performance of companies. To carry out this evaluation, EcoVadis asks companies to complete an online questionnaire, which is then analysed. Public evidence is required for each statement. The questionnaire and the weighting of the themes are prepared based on the sector of activity, country, size of the company and previous scores. The level of difficulty of the questions asked changes every year, allowing the various staff departments involved to take stock of annual achievements to encourage continuous improvement.